Musical Walks
Exclusive Tours of the major Italian cities of art with live music interludes
A typical Musical Walk lasts roughly two and a half hours. Our guide will accompany you with detailed explanations and along the way we stop in intimate and private spaces for you to enjoy musical interludes.
The Walks
The beauty of Musical Walks lies in the exclusivity of the locations. We take you beyond  closed doors to explore the hidden secrets and quieter corners of the location of your choice.
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The Walks
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Our 'tried and tested' itineraries take place regularly in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan and Verona but walks can easily be organised exclusively for you in a place of your own choice. We are happy to adapt our unique formula to any of your proposals.


Whether you choose to get your hands dirty on our 'Corruption in ancient Rome' walk or rub shoulders with the much loved Saint Philip Neri  you are certain to be delighted by the transportation which the music offers.

If you would like more information about individual Musical Walks or would like to see a list of our most popular itineraries simply contact us. Contacts_-_Musical_Walks.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0

The tales are told, the history is heard and the music is enjoyed away from the hustle and bustle of the usual tour groups.

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