Musical Walks
Exclusive Tours of the major Italian cities of art with live music interludes
The Music

A street corner, square, alleyway, chapel, historical palace is brought to life by music which is chosen to blend with the context and reconjure the atmosphere of the time. Let it transport you magically back, creating the scene and a  unique experience.

Imagine walking through the magnificent seventeenth century Palazzo Falconieri, refurbished by one of the most important artists of baroque Rome, accompanied by the magical and elegant notes from a lute and recorder playing music composed by Falconieri himself.

Let the elegant melodies of nineteenth century guitar virtuoso and composer Mauro Giuliani put you in the mood to smile at the irreverent commentary on Roman life left to us by Pasquino, Rome's famous talking statue:

“Since Nicholas became pope and murderer,

blood is abundant in Rome while there is lack of wine”


A classical duo of guitar and flute, a polyphonic renaissance quartet “a cappella”, a baroque trio or opera singers; whatever the arrangement prepare to be enchanted!

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The Music
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