Savour the magical atmosphere of the city of your choice as you listen to ancient legends and traditions, intriguing stories and amusing anecdotes told while strolling along picturesque alleyways. Take a glance behind closed doors and explore hidden corners and then pause to enjoy exquisite music played exclusively for you by musicians of the highest calibre.

Musical Walks
Exclusive Tours of the major Italian cities of art with live music interludes
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Experience the essence of the most beautiful Italian cities in the company of professional concert musicians...

We bring you baroque and renaissance music, music from the classical period, fine art, history and popular traditions all orchestrated to bring to life fascinating and exclusive historical locations.

Leave the crowds behind and step out onto the rooftops above one of Rome's most fascinating churches and enjoy a suggestive musical interval in the hidden rooms of Saint Luigi Gonzaga. Hear about Rome's talking statue and its outspoken witticisms. Enjoy a musical interval as you sit back and relax in a traditional barber's shop , or pause for a while in the church where Mozart once played the organ in ROME.

Let  the sound of the Arno and the gentle tones of renaissance music lull you as you look out onto the river from the comfort of a splendid terrace. Take a stroll along the fashion showcase, via Tornabuoni, lined with  edifices and churches which portray the history of FLORENCE.

Walk in the footsteps of the world's most tragic lovers, Romeo and Juliet.  Let yourself be wooed by the music which might have accompanied them in VERONA.

Discover the backwaters of VENICE and revisit places frequented by great artists of the past Vivarini, Vecellio, Tiepolo, and be lulled by the music Gabrieli, Albinoni and the immortal Vivaldi..

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